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"In the end we will conserve only what we love. We will love only what we understand. We will understand only what we are taught."
-Baba Dioum
Senegalese Conservationist

The O2 For Life Education Program

O2 For Life hosts small groups of middle and high school students offering them an experience of tropical nature in the living laboratory that is our reserve.

Our visitors can explore, study, feel, smell and hear the incredible diversity of life in the Osa region. The experience is truly holistic. We like to refer to it as "tropical nature immersion".

We work closely with the teachers leading the groups to customize the trips by tailoring activities to match their needs and specific areas of interest. Our resident guides and bilingual Costa Rican biologist provide a rich and well adapted experience for each visiting group.

To provide a cultural side to the experience, we promote interaction between our guests and the Costa Rican employees living at the reserve. With Florie, one of our caretakers, students learn how to split coconuts and make the coconut milk used in the kitchen. They play soccer, Tico style, with the locals and assist the cook with preparing regional foods. Meal time is always a great opportunity for cultural exchanges. Every one working at the reserve (our cook, naturalist, caretakers and their children) routinely share our meals. The familial and inclusive atmosphere makes it the perfect setting for our guests to practice their Spanish.

During their stay at the reserve, students visit various points of interest around the Golfo Dulce and take part in activities in local communities.  Options are many including visiting local villages, a botanical garden, or simply enjoying "la pura vida" at a secluded beach. (Click here to learn more about our range of program activities.)

Small community service projects as well as exchanges with Costa Rican students at local schools can be organized. Should you wish a special project for your group, it is likely that we can make arrangements for it.