The O2 For Life Rainforest Foundation protects the tropical rainforest in the O2 nature reserve. Nestled in 500 acres of tropical rainforest on the shores of the Gulfo Dulce in the Osa region of southern Costa Rica, the O2 reserve is teeming with an incredible diversity of flora and fauna.  The O2 reserve constitutes an important area of protected land that is part of the Osa Biological Corridor connecting Corcovada National Park and Piedras Blancas National Park.  The reserve is located in the center of a wildlife migration route. Protecting the land in the O2 reserve increases the amount of habitat available to wildlife in the area and also provides a buffer protecting Piedras Blancas National Park from poachers and other threats.

The O2 reserve contains a remarkable variety of habitats including secondary and primary rainforest, mangrove forests, and river estuaries.  The O2 reserve serves as a sanctuary to threatened and endangered species such as the jaguar, the mangrove hummingbird, the Central American squirrel monkey, and the Gulfo Dulce poison dart frog.


A key part of our mission is to promote conservation education and the study of tropical nature.  Students who participate in the educational field trips to the O2 reserve contribute to local conservation efforts in a number of ways.  They collect seeds and saplings of threatened or endangered species to be raised in the O2 nursery.  They may also help to beautify school grounds and provide shade by transplanting these trees at schools around the Golfo Dulce.


While living at the reserve, everyone strives to live cleaner and greener.  Meals are prepared with fresh, local foods.  The solar powered energy is used sparingly.  Laundry can be washed by hand and dried on the line.  All non-perishables are recycled.  Avoiding waste is the rule.  Students leave the O2 reserve with a heightened understanding of how human behavior affects the health of the natural world and what they can personally contribute to help preserve it for the future.