The 02 For Life Rainforest Foundation is a 501(C3) non-profit organization, founded in 1998, to protect the tropical rainforest in the 02 nature reserve in Costa Rica.  Our mission is to promote conservation education, the study of tropical nature and community building among young people. Our philanthropic mission is to share our programs with students from all socio-economic backgrounds.


The foundation is run by a board of dedicated volunteers. The foundation is financially supported by board donations, fundraising and program revenue.  Towards this end, the foundation helps to fund the cost of staying at the reserve for students who otherwise could not participate.  We also fund our educational initiatives in the local communities near the reserve.  This is our way of bolstering equal access to educational opportunities.


All trips are led by our well-educated, talented and enthusiastic biologist/naturalist guides.  Our friendly cooking staff prepare delicious and nutritious local food.  Live-in caretakers protect the reserve and maintain its infrastructure.  We work with a long-established network of trustworthy partners to handle transportation and hotel services while traveling in Costa Rica.


O2 For Life Rainforest Foundation
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O2 For Life Rainforest Foundation
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